Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Altar - Synopsis

The Altar tells the struggle of a freed African slave who seek to see his fellow blacks liberated after he found a powerful tool; the Altar. An African slave, Bohkasa (his slave name), who beclame a priest of the Anglican missionary in the Americas after he gained his freedom. On the abolition of slavery trade in and around the 18th century, Bohkasa was bought by an Anglican missionary priest who trained him to assist and help him in his missionary works. In the mid-70s, Bohkasa was baptized and inducted into priesthood in the Anglican missions and was named Paul as his Christian name. After his induction, he sought to fight for his fellow blacks and seek equal opportunity for all as he saw that as his call to the alter. Sacrifices he make at the alter all seek to the pacification of his fellow blacks. His exploits to liberate his people lead him to the discovery many dirty secretes in the missionary, and with high government officials involved, his quest seems too hard to end. The question asked is will his people accept him as he now has a new name, new belief and he is seen as part of the whole white culture to enslave the blacks. The Altar unravels the rough, the smooth, the ups and the downs in his struggle to bring liberation and change to his very own.

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