Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Altar - The Plot

Bohkasa was captured and sent overseas as slave in his youthful age. He was pisold to a plantation owner in the Americas; Sir Gorge Simon. His master went bankrupt outand sold off his estate including his slave to a Swedish merchant. After few years of owing the plantation, there was riot on the plantation which caused the death of about ten slaves and five white. This caused the government to froze his masters assert and took his slaves. With similar incidence occurring, there was the fight to abolish slavery in the Americas. With the abolishment agenda intensified, slaves fought for their freedom. Bohkasa attained his freedom when he was bought out of slavery by Mr. Marvin Motherwell; a Scottish Anglican priest. He bought as a free man so he can help him in his mission works. He drove Mr. Marvin around for crusades, help him prepare and mount stage and organize sermons for fellow blacks. He took the opportunity while working with his master to learn how to read and write. His master saw his interest in the mission work and wiliness to learn so help him to learn how to read the bible and other biblical books and do simple mathematical calculation. He was then made head of the slaves church group and became an integral assert to the missionaries because they used him to get to the other slaves. His assistance to his master helped him to gain an honorary promotion in the mission. Mr. Marvin was made head of the Anglican missions in the part of the state. Their exploitation saw the liberation of many slaves and brought many to the realization of equal opportunity for all. Some of the freed slaves choose to go as free people and other stayed to help him in his missionary work them. Bohkasa then accepted Christ and was baptized as a Christian with a new name, Paul. He rose through the ranks of the ministry as he kept learning with the help of his master. At the era of the abolishment of the slave trade he was then honored to become a reverend father in the Anglican missions. He was given the opportunity to make decisions and polices for the church, he became an integral landmark in the church. His works lead to the rise in number of the Anglican mission in that state. As the Anglican seeks to expand their mission works, he was chosen to join many mission most especially those to highly populated black states and areas help in the expansion of the Anglican faith in the continent. Through his works in the missions, he discovered that though slavery was considered illegal and was on the verge of being abolish, some high ranked officials of the missionary and the government are secretly involved in the act. His investigation found that all government sponsored mission to Africa always had a hidden motive of the government. The government sets to use the gospel to exploit the people, to keep them in the bondage. Now that he has been add to the mission and have a say in what goes on the church, he would want to take advantage to bring his people from the dark to light.

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